New Immigrants

INCA’s research and internal investigation has led to the finding that almost 60% of new immigrant youth do not know or understand their rights and entitlements whilst in Australia:

Assistance – Health Care

The majority of respondents are simply not aware that the relationship between the Australian Health Care System and the Italian Health Care System warrants to provide Italian citizens residing in Australia with a free trial service for a 6 month period.

To be eligible to access to health care support within Australia, patrons must register with the national service provider, MEDICARE.

Visit the websites listed below or contact your local office of the Patronato INCA for further information.

Human Services – Victoria – Click Here.
Human Services (Medicare Services) – Victoria – Click Here.


In excess of 50% of immigrant youth are unaware as to their rights and entitlements in the workplace, specifically:

Minimum Wages
For information relating to an employers compliance with the relevant legislation surrounding minimum wage:
Fair Work Australia – Australia – Click Here.
Fair Work Ombudsman – Australia – Click Here.

For information on Superannuation refunds of the amount paid during the period of employment in Australia:
ATO – Super Payments (Departing Australia) – Australia – Click Here.
Allowances for the Un-Employed
For information on the bilateral agreement between Australia and Italy for residents who are un-employed:
INPS РIndennità ordinaria di disoccupazione non agricola РItaly РClick Here.