The area of ​​security remains the core principal business of the Patronato INCA. Our offices are a reference point for people faced with the often difficult and challenging transition from the end of the employment career as they transition to retirement.

Our services are aimed at all those who need assistance in the process of applying for social benefits such as age pensions, disability pensions, survivor pensions and similar benefits.

The application process for such pensions and entitlements is often difficult and generally quite complex due to continuous legislative changes. Henceforth, submitting an application for a pension can be problematic and confusing. INCA is well positioned to assist in these processes and encourage patrons to contact our experts to support in obtaining the entitlements with a reduced waiting times.

Our operators work in direct contact with the relevant italian and australian institutions, such as Social Security (INPS) and Centrelink and will ensure a prompt and proper result in accordance with your rights.

How INCA can assist you.

  • Verification of Social Security Contributions (INPS-INPDAP)
  • Compilation and submission of applications for Italian pensions (elderly/seniors, disability, reversibility)
  • Compilation and submission of applications for Australian pensions (elderly/seniors, disability, carers)
  • Compilation and submission of applications for Retirement abroad (France, Switzerland, Germany, etc.)
  • Compilation and submission of applications for Family Assistance Allowances
  • Management & Control of pensions paid from Italy
  • Verification of annual pension payment amounts
  • Article 10 release and CUD


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